physician credentialing

Common Questions Posed About Medical Credentialing

Have you ever wondered what goes into the hiring process of medical pros at your local hospital facility? Through electronic records, facilities can easily share information about physicians and other professionals when they are being hired, making it simple for these areas to verify their staff.

In the medical field, patient trust is highly important. With this in mind, the physician credentialing process gives a little more confidence, verifying closely the qualifications of a given physician who is hired onto the staff of a hospital or other medical facility.

What is medical credentialing?

physician credentialing

The process of credentialing a physician is done by obtaining and verifying information about medical professionals, as well as their qualifications and work history. Data known as credentials are essentially documented evidence that a person is licensed, qualified, well-trained, and educated in their field – important data for health organizations to have when thinking about hiring a potential physician.

How long does it take to credential a physician?

It can take some time for a medical professional to actually begin work at their new facility thanks to the credentialing process. Upon being hired, a physician can expect the credentialing process to take anywhere from a few weeks to up to six months as information and qualifications are closely assessed and verified by the health organization they have been hired on at.

Why is physician credentialing important?

The process of physician credentialing is highly important for several reasons. For one, it allows patients to be confident that the medical professionals hired in their facilities are thoroughly vetted and truly hold the training and qualifications they claim to hold. Through electronic credentialing systems, sharing credentials between facilities and individuals has never been easier and more efficient.

With people going in to receive treatments and important procedures at their medical facilities, it is highly important that professionals who are hired at these facilities are licensed and vetted. With this in mind, medical credentialing is one of the most important processes when it comes to making sure the staff are all qualified and licensed to work in the field.